Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Being a Realist

Recently I was reading a beautiful children's book to my kiddly-winks called "the Things I Love About Me" by Trace Moroney. It's a book of a cute little bunny who describes what he loves about being himself, from his physical appearances to what he is good at. It's such a great message for children, in fact I believe it's great for people of all ages!

At the end of the book there was a small section written to the parents. The author said that she writes these lovely books to inspire children to think positively and become optimists. She talks about what it means to be an optimist and part of what she says goes along the lines of, optimists still expect things to go bad or wrong but then they deal with such things from a positive perspective.

I'm a positive thinker, I like to practice gratitude and see how lucky I am as I am and find the positive side to things, however, reading this made me realise that I'm not an optimist, I'm a dreamer. You see, I focus on the positive and attempt to purposely create my life through law of attraction and being in the now... so when things go wrong, I get down, I blame myself and I become quite a pessimist really.

This made me realise I need to be more of a realist. I need to know that sometimes things don't go as planned and that's okay! The funny thing is, that I thought I was like that but it was only reading this book that made me realise I speak it but I don't walk my talk.

So now that I'm aware, I'm practicing being more of a realist. Still being in the now and practicing positivity and law of attraction, but also knowing that all is okay even when things don't go as planned! I've also been reminding myself that when things have gone wrong  in the past, it's all worked out in the end. Lessons learned and better outcomes anyway.



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