Sunday, 19 April 2015

Benefits of Self Awareness

Self awareness is realising that you are that which is aware of your thoughts and feelings, not the thoughts and feelings themsevles. As you think, as emotions rise and fall within you, even as you see, hear, taste, smell, touch etc. you may realise that there is an awareness behind the you that is having these experiences. As you think, there are thoughts running through your mind and a part of you who is listening. With this understanding and acknowledgment you can realise you are not your thoughts and feelings but you are the awareness of them and you can then choose the thoughts and feelings you wish to have.

Many people live on auto-pilot believing they are their thoughts, feelings and beliefs but these are an accumulation of energy which you have held onto and identified with. Not who you are. Recently, I was on the phone with a good friend of mine. As we were chatting we had an epiphany. Everything is vibrating at different frequencies to create an illusion of different things of varying densities. Really, when you get down to it, we and everything else in this universe are all made of the same stuff! Atoms, molecules... and 99.999...% “empty space”! Did you know nothing actually touches anything else? Things levitate over one another. Anyway, our epiphany was an analogy, imagine you are a ball of energy and as this ball, you have collected energy over your life in the form of thoughts, feelings, experiences and beliefs and then you have put them with your energy and identified yourself as this accumulation.

One practice I love is to become aware that I am aware of my thoughts and feelings, as thoughts happen I purposely watch them and sense that I'm aware of them. This practice helps me to detach from thoughts and feelings. As my friend and I were chatting, we realised we don't identify ourselves with our sight or what we hear, as we know these are not us, so it seems just as obvious that we are also not our thoughts or our feelings, they are an experience we are having.

Be aware of yourself and you will grow. Here are some benefits of Self Awareness:
  1. You will sense and know your true self.
  2. You will gain more understanding of yourself and why you do what you do.
  3. You will grow because as you witness old thought patterns and beliefs which no longer serve you, they will drop away. These are happening in the background of your thoughts and will continue happening without awareness. As they drop away you will gain a new understanding and your mind will evolve.
  4. You will gain a better understanding of other people. You will give more compassion and less judgment.
  5. Self awareness provides an opportunity to let go of old thoughts as well as emotions.
  6. You will have the ability to choose thoughts and feelings which serve you to be your best self. Unfortunately, without awareness, affirmations or positive words towards ourselves only layer on top of our subconscious negative thoughts and it is our subconscious which causes our automatic thoughts and feelings and motivates our actions.
  7. Self awareness and sensing our true self allows us to relax and de-stress.
  8. You will take action on purpose instead of automatically.

    Peace and Love


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