Thursday, 23 April 2015

What Is Your Worth?

I had a constant underlying feeling of unworthiness. I couldn't shake it, I had moments of letting it go where I would realise I was whole and fulfilled as I am during a meditation but when I wasn't meditating the feeling would creep back. I kept trying to find my worthiness in being a mum, in being a house wife, by thinking up ways I could earn money, by growing myself spiritually and even in words from Deepak Chopra:

...The awakening of your awareness is an immeasurable gift you are giving to the world. Even without social interaction, your spiritual awakening uplifts and clears the path for countless others in collective consciousness.
A spiritual life purpose may not seem very impactful, or generous compared to being a surgeon or a teacher, but in fact it fulfills a critical spiritual need in the world, all the more so because it is unseen and undervalued. Think of yourself as the hermit or yogi who quietly brings peace and harmony to her village without anyone knowing.”

Even after realising logically that everything I did was worth something I still felt unworthy so I turned to my guides for some insight. My guides pointed out that the word “worth” is associated with a dollar amount, it's how much I felt I was worth in currency. As a stay at home mum, my partner brings in our income so my contribution in dollars is zero, therefore I put my own worth at nothing, subconsciously of course and hence why I felt so bad! As I thought through this and dragged up my subconscious feelings I noticed that I had felt unworthy or worth nothing, I felt like I didn't deserve set things because they were worth so much and I wasn't worth that much and that I'd been identifying myself with a figure, or lack there of. I felt unworthy of my basic needs because I'd adopted the belief that you need money for those things therefore if you don't earn money you don't deserve them.

I soon awoken to my mistake of thinking my worth came from a dollar amount and decided to even stop using that word toward myself. Even if I were to say I'm worth all the money in the world, I'm still degrading myself because I'm saying money is worth more than I am and my existence! Identifying yourself with money is like identifying yourself with the house you reside in, the car you drive and the stuff you've accumulated, these are not you nor even an extension of you.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Money is a number in an account we have which we trade for things. Money is even less than things and I'm comparing myself to it! We can't possibly measure our worthiness because we are divine and to put any measurement on ourselves based on what we be,do or have is mistakenly thinking we are finite. We are immeasurable, infinite consciousness, we are all there is, has been and ever will be. How could we ever think about, even for a second, what we are worth because to say we are worth something is to put that something above us. We are that something, we are the energy in which all things exist so really, it's impossible to even measure up against anything and even if we are measuring, I believe we are worth a lot more than money itself. 

Love and Peace


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