Friday, 18 October 2013

We are the Universe!

I was recently reading and stopped for a moment to close my eyes and relax. I’ve been practicing meditation, mindfulness, spirituality and awareness of how I create my own life, non-stop for days now, I feel absolutely wonderful.

As I closed my eyes my inner voice asked, “How do you see your life?” I pictured myself, my home, my income, what I do, hobbies, relationships etc… in a few seconds I noticed the way my mind, my ego, sees my life. I felt a sense of, “Let me show you” and felt the words, “This is you”. I saw myself from bird’s eye view, just above myself, it then said “Now here’s your life”. Everything rapidly zoomed out from me, to my house, to my neighbourhood, to my country, to the Earth, to the galaxy, to the universe and it continued without stopping… then my inner voice asked “How do you see your life now?” My answer… Anything is possible!...

I've recently been aware of our limitations we put on ourselves and our lives through our thoughts and beliefs. I've been aware of the fleeting thoughts which have been running through my mind, catching them and becoming more positive. It amazed me that I had such a limited belief about myself and life. I practice meditation regularly and know myself as more than my thoughts, feelings and physical body, I know I am one with everything; I am. Even though I know no moment is random, I am still surprised by wonderful moments like these. 

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