Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Well-being is an Ongoing Practice

Over the last few years my strive in life has been for happiness and well-being. I added practices into my life such as positive affirmations, awareness and meditation hoping to reach enlightenment.

More recently I was watching a video of a psychologist talking about different techniques of counseling, a great lesson that I took from the video was, well-being is not something you get then have forever, it is something you work on every day.

I was one of the people he spoke about when he said many assume that you just get it and voila, your life is great from now on… seems silly now! I realize that while practices such as awareness, gratitude and meditation can bring you to the now and have you feeling amazing, once you stop you can easily slip back into negative feelings and thought patterns. I have done this over and over in my life. I tend to become lazy in my practice and before I know it find myself in low vibration and feeling negative which sparks back the motivation to practice again.

Not this time! Now that I’m aware of my pattern as well as aware that well-being is an ongoing process, I will continue practicing every day. Another great thing about spirituality and growth is that there is no end to the growth, no end to the depth and it feels more wonderful every day!

Another assumption people make about well-being is that they will feel good when everything in their life is perfect. As long as you are looking for peace and happiness outside of you, you will never find it. If you hold the belief that you need to gain more and things need to change before you can be happy then you will never be happy for as long as you are focused on what isn’t quite right, you will continue to notice more and more of what’s not right. Even when you fix what’s wrong, something else will pop up for you to change or fix.

Don’t wait for things to change or for something to happen, well-being is a practice of choosing positive feelings in the now. Find the practices that you love which bring you to the now, to peace and happiness and take time out for yourself every day to feel good! They may be meditation, exercise you enjoy, spending time with friends and family, doing art and craft, singing, dancing, reading, watching an inspirational movie, simply do what you love and love what you do. Practice gratitude about your life right now and realise how lucky you are by contemplating how things could be worse. Life is an amazing journey full of joy and discovery, enjoy it! 



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